Deadline Extended


We are excited to announce that the deadline for the Innovative Measures of Impact has been extended! 

We hear you microschool leaders and founders! Our deadline for our Innovative Measures of Microschool Impact contest has been extended! We have had great conversations with some seriously talented people that led to an extension in our contest! We realized that so many founders are using tools that they might not even realize count as a way to measure impact. Some of these tools include:
- Surveys (family and child surveys)
- Checkins after lessons/workshops/projects
- Goal setting and reflecting
- Keeping a count of books read
- Number of experts your children interact with (yes, keeping track of career professionals that interact with your children counts!)
- Internship/Apprenticeship/mentor hours completed
The key here is creativity! Success looks different for every child! Help us tell the story of how measuring impact looks different! Contact us with any questions!


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