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What is a microschool?

One question that we get asked the most is "What is a microschool?" Microschools don't follow strict definitions, so we thought you'd want to hear the answer directly from microschool leaders themselves.

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What is a microschool? Part 2

What is a microschool? This video (video 2 in a series) provides the answer directly from microschool founders and leaders. Listen in to hear these dynamic leaders tell us about microschooling.

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What is a microschool? Part 3

Listen in as these unparalleled microschool leaders tell us what a microschool is. This is video 3 in the Center's "What is a microschool?" series.

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Microschooling Explained

Why is microschooling growing as one of the most exciting education movements in America? Listen to some of the powerful leaders from the Las Vegas Valley microschools talk about the benefits of microschooling.

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Partnership Microschooling Explained

Don and Ashley Soifer explain the details of how partnership microschooling works, the benefits for the host partner, and the appeal of partnership microschooling.

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Partnership Microschooling with a House of Worship

The Center's Don Soifer and Ashley Soifer along with Monica Johnson from TCMI Academy, talk about the benefits for a house of worship hosting a partnership microschool.

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City & Nonprofit Team Up to Create Microschool in Nevada

Learn about the microschool Don and Ashley created in partnership with the City of North Las Vegas.

When the pandemic struck, local leaders in North Las Vegas teamed up with national experts to create a first of its kind public-private microschool. A VELA Meet The Moment production.

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Desiging Your Microschool Experience

Parent, Patricia Farley, talks about taking control of her children's education and designing a microschooling program that meets the needs of each one of her children.

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Classroom in the Community

Microschooling leader, Melissa Flaxman, discusses giving children choices, engaging and inspiring children, and creating trackable learning goals for each individual child.

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A Former Teacher Launches a Unique Microschool

After a decade of teaching in public and private schools, Shiren Rattigan decided to build something better and reignite students’ love of learning. “There was no other alternative,” she said. “Either I leave education, or I try to create my own space.”

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What if kids don't need a curriculum to learn?

Watch Stand Together's mini-documentary on Center members, Bloom Academy. 

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Why Partnership Microschooling Makes Sense for Employers

The Center team explains how employers can introduce an exciting new benefit through partnership microschooling.

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