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Operational Necessities
Operational Necessities
Helpful to prelaunch and currently operating microschools

This training provides an opportunity for microschool founders to consider some of the necessities that we might not always think about. Things like storing medication, emergency evacuation plans, parent communication and more.

Understanding Parent Choices Training
Understanding Parent Choices
Helpful to prelaunch and currently operating microschools seeking more families

When it comes to making their microschooling choices, what are parents thinking of as their most important priorities? Understanding the needs of a family, and feeling confident that you can meet those needs, provides the building blocks for a trusting relationship between the microschool and the family.

Goal Setting Training
Goal Setting That Matters
Helpful to microschools that are looking to implement goal setting and tracking

This training walks microschool founders and leaders through how to create an effective goal setting program in your microschool, academic and nonacademic goals, reflection and how to track goals to show learner growth and progress.

Measuring Effectiveness Training
Measuring Effectiveness
Helpful to microschools considering alternative ways to measure effectiveness 

Microschools can determine how they want to measure growth, both academic and nonacademic growth. Finding ways that matter to measure effectiveness can be useful. This training helps microschools discover what methods of measurement they want to use (or create) and how to effectively communicate their data with key stakeholders.

Smart Growth Training
Smart Growth
Helpful to microschools that are expanding, whether that is growth at one campus or growing into a multi-campus network

Planning for microschooling growth is crucial to success. Growth happens at a variety of times, in a variety of ways, including mid-year growth and expanding to a second campus. There are many factors to consider when you are growing, including staffing, onboarding new families and maintaining relationships with current families.

Dashboard Trainings Learning Tool PD Data Analysis
Learning Tool Trainings
Helpful to microschools using the cetner's offerings of learning tools

These trainings include recorded dashboard trainings for you to watch on your own schedule (and then reach out with any questions), PD scheduled specifically for microschools with the learning tool providers, help analyzing your data and more.

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