Provider Network Microschools

looking for a more structured and supported way to launch a microschool? 

As a member of a provider network, you'll have a framework to follow when making your choices. Provider network microschools can help attract parents with the network's known-name, the network may offer resources for supporting teaching and learning, and provide supplemental material. Different provider networks offer different support packages and resources for microschool leaders. The Center works with provider networks to help both the network as a whole and the individual microschools within the network. As a provider network microschool, you receive access to the same supports independent microschools receive from the Center.

“Microschools can often feel like islands in a vast ocean and the NMC is leading the charge in connecting us all through shared community, resources, and advocacy. Our organization has already benefited from access to favorable pricing on curriculum, advice on state strategies and expansion, and connections to industry leaders. We look forward to the NMC expanding their operations and footprint across the country to help the entire movement improve quality and reach true scale.”
Provider Network Founder
"There are not many weeks where I do not reach out to the NMC for support or resources. The biggest area of support they have provided me has been to help in navigating local regulations in order to legally bring my vision to a reality. Through their support I have been able to set up a thriving microschool that has had the legal standing to overcome regulatory hurdles. "
Provider Network Microschool Founder, Nevada
"You guys are amazing. Seriously. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and for giving the leaders a voice. The work you are doing is amazing on a national scale, but more important is giving people like me a chance to fulfill our calling in incredibly personal and meaningful ways. You have given me a gift of healing just simply by seeing and hearing and believing in me. That is the most powerful thing of all. Love you all!”
Microschool Leader, Indiana

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