Microschool options for every child to thrive.

This movement is about thriving. Children are thriving in microschools like never before. The Center supports a growing and dynamic ecosystem of microschools, welcoming all models, to ensure that there is a place for every child to thrive. The Center is here to help you on your microschooling journey. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to find a microschool near you. Keep scrolling to see the resources we offer families.

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Fill out the form below the videos on this page, answering questions about your children and priorities, and our team will reach out to you to connect you with a microschool near you.

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If there isn't a microschool option near you, our team can connect you to other families near you that are looking for a microschool and we can help your build a microschool for your community. Fill out the form below to connect with our team.

NMC parents who are seeking something different than conventional school, be patient, be openminded, and trust that your kids are going to turn out totally fine if their learning looks a little di
Learn About Microschools

Scroll down to see videos from other microschooling parents, founders and educators talking about their experiences. Explore our website to learn more about microschools. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to read all the latest updates.

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Designing your Microschool Experience.

Listen in as a mom describes her microschool experience.

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Microschooling explained

Hear from microschool founders and educators.

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What is a Microschool?

Microschool founders and leaders answer the most frequently asked question, "what is a microschool?"

"She's more confident doing the work. She's more comfortable doing the work."
Microschooling Parent, Nevada

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