Partnership Microschools

A partnership microschool is built by a host partner and a technical partner. This style of microschool is an exciting way to provide for the community that you serve.

A host partner provides resources, these can include space, financial backing, technology, etc. The technical partner is responsible for the teaching and learning along with other operational responsibilities. Host partners can be municipalities, employers, houses of worship and other organizations. Technical partners are often nonprofits, however they can be for profit as well. The Center offers specialized support for partnership microschools for both the technical and host partners! Scroll down to see the resources we provide and learn about our partnership microschool.

Video Gallery

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Partnership Microschooling Explained

Don and Ashley Soifer explain the details of how partnership microschooling works, the benefits for the host partner, and the appeal of partnership microschooling.

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Partnership Microschooling with a House of Worship

Don and Ashley Soifer, along with Monica Johnson from TCMI Academy, talk about the benefits for a house of worship hosting a partnership microschool.

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City and Nonprofit Team Up to Create Microschool in Nevada

When the pandemic struck, local leaders in North Las Vegas teamed up with national experts to create a first of its kind public-private microschool. A VELA Meet The Moment production.

“Education should look different for each kid because not all kids learn the same way. SNUMA has succeeded in this.”
SNUMA, Nevada
"The National Microschooling Center introduced us to the concept of microschools and their potential as a solution for our families’ learning needs. Their team talked with us about different ideas for models and approaches, and also about how we could work to align our model to participate in the West Virginia Hope Scholarship program."
Partnership Microschool, West Virginia
"One thing we did learn out of SNUMA is there is a need. Parents are looking for options. Of course, (SNUMA) came as a result of covid, but parents are always looking for what’s innovative and the best direction for my kid.”
Mayor Goynes-Brown
Mayor, North Las Vegas

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