Local Partners

The Center partners with local organizations to cultivate a thriving microschooling ecosystem in your state.


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Microschooling 101

Interested in hosting the Center for a microschooling 101 event? This is a great early microschooling event in your state. It brings together potential and current founders, families and interested community members to learn more.

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Day Long Intensive Training

We frequently hold day-long intensive microschool trainings in different states with our local partners. These trainings start at a high level and narrow in focus as the day goes on. These trainings are meant for prospective, prelaunch and current microschool founders.

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Speaking Arrangements

The Center is often asked to speak at conferences, expos and local organization meetings on a variety of microschooling topics. 

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Small Group Trainings

The Center holds small group trainings in-person and virtually. If your organization works with a group of microschools and would like to hold a small group training for your microschooling community we can provide a variety of trainings, including custom-built trainings for your organization.

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Community Building

Interested in uniting the community of microschools near you? We are happy to help foster and support your community with in-person and virtual events.


Interested in being a local partner?

We want to partner with you! Check out the information below and email our Chief Innovation Officer, Ashley Soifer, at ashley@microschoolingcenter.org to talk about the ways to partner.

The National Microschooling Center conducted four public information sessions and early-phase training sessions for current and prospective microschool leaders in [state], and for members of our community to help us build awareness and understanding about microschooling...Additionally, the work of the National Microschooling Center, including their published articles and resources, presentations and videos, have helped our team to better understand microschooling, its powerful potential as an educational options for [state] families, and important aspects of their operations and structure, which we are now applying to our [local partner organization] movement-building work.
Local Partner

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