Membership Options at the Center

Welcome to the Center. All are welcome.

Microschool Member

This membership is strictly for microschools, both current and prelaunch.


annually (scholarships available)

Access to our exclusive content

Community of founders and leaders

Question priority at public meetings

Learning cohorts

Member Resource Hub

Learning License Toolbox

Post to the job board

Regulatory helps

and more!

Preferred Provider Listing

This listing is for vendors that would like their products included in the Center's directory.



Listing in our preferred provider directory 

Center staff will post information about your product in our exclusive members’ group

The Center team will review all products and organizations before they can be listed in the directory

Provider Network

This is a microschool membership that a provider network buys for all of their microschools.


depending on campuses and services used by each campus

All network microschool campuses access to the Center's exclusive content

Network executive team is invited to provider network meetings

We work with your provider network on learning tool solutions, customizing a network approach that meets your needs.

Nonmicroschool Member

This membership is for organizations (not microschools) that want to connect with the Center and microschool members.



Preferred provider listing (if applicable)

If requested by our group, access to speak at a member meeting

Access to a group of National Microschooling Center microschool

Quarterly reports with microschooling insight

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