Resources to help every model.

The Center is here for you, every step of the way.

We have created an "all are welcome" space, where microschool founders can access resources, connect with each other, learn together and more. So whether you are serving kindergarteners or high school seniors (and everything between), whether you have a structured curriculum or a self-directed appraoch, whether you are faith-based, nature-based or project-based, whatever model you want to create, whoever your families are, we are here for you.

Learning License Toolbox

Looking for learning tool licenses for your microschool? We offer licenses at a bulk discounted cost for learning tools like Lexia, Zearn, Beast Academy and more!


Join the Center team for a training designed by the Center, a Hot Topic Webinar answering the most popular questions with guest speakers, learning cohorts, and more.

Tools from the Center

Access the Center's Roadmaps to Successful Microschooling, Digital flyers that you can use to help spread awareness in your community, and other tools.

Center Membership

Become a member of the Center and gain access to our cohorts, community, learning tools, discounted providers and exclusive Facebook group.

Video Library

Access the Center's video library to learn from microschool founders and leaders, microschooling parents and our team. 

Job Board

Looking to work in a microschool? Center members can create job posting for their microschools that are listed on the Center's site.

Preferred Provider Directory

Scroll these preferred providers and find what you need for your microschool. Many providers offer a discount exclusive to Center members. The Center has reviewed all products in the directory.

Microschool Marketplace

Center members can list their original products, such as curriculum, assessments, etc, on our Microschool Marketplace. This is open to any microschool to browse and purchase items that directly supports the microschool.

Event Calendar

Join the Center at an upcoming event, in-person or virtual. These events vary, some are open to the public, others are members-only.

Looking for something different?

Our team of microschool founders and leaders is here to help you. We have experience launching microschools, educating in microschools, and successfully closing microschools. Looking to connect with our team? Click the button below to access our contact information.

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