Tools for Microschooling

We have created the following series of tools for you to use, all at no cost to you.


What microschools are saying.

Thank you to all the microschools who have placed your trust in our team.

"I really enjoy these training sessions, as they are very helpful. The trainers are responsive and willing to help with whatever questions we have."
Microschool Founder, OK
"This is all wonderful information! Some of this I had not thought about before it was discussed tonight, and other parts, I was unsure of how to tackle it. I now feel confident that I at least, have a place to start and can find templates. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and advice with us!"
Prelaunch Microschool Founder
"I have so many questions and you are the best people I know on the ground, like actually helping real people."
Parent, NY

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