How Microschools Are Changing K-12 Education


This exclusive interview by the National Microschooling Center Founders, published by the Reason Foundation, details ways microschools provide an innovative alternative for families looking to leave their traditional education systems.

As millions of families across the country have reevaluated their relationships with the institutions they had historically relied upon to meet their educational needs, the alternatives they are creating and finding can look very different, including from each other. 

For example, they explain, the hybrid aspects of micoschooling often haven't really existed before. Families are realizing they don't need to have one, exclusive provider for all of their educational needs. For example, some kids are in an innovatively personalized microschool three days a week, while the rest of their schooling is spent with a combination of classes, tutors and experienced. In terms of microschooling's market share and the potential for students' transformation, the sky's the limit.

Read the rest of the interview here.


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