Sarah Tavernetti

Learning Tool Operator


Sarah Tavernetti began her career in education at 21 years old in Las Vegas, NV. She taught second grade at Title 1 schools for six years before resigning to create Bloom Academy- a microschool dedicated to nurturing the natural curiosity of every child through self-directed education. It was through her teaching experiences in the school district that she witnessed the confidence and overall well-being of her students suffer at the hands of the district-imposed curriculum, assessments, and policies. Sarah left determined to create a learning environment that empowered each child to tune into their natural curiosities and strengths and that supported them as they “bloomed” into their most happy, healthy, and authentic selves. Bloom Academy operated for three beautiful years and through her experiences as co-founder and executive director, she witnessed the positive impact a microschool can have on its children. Sarah is honored to continue her work with microschools through the National Microschooling Center.