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The Center's 2024 research report, American Microschools: A Sector Analysis, is now available.

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Whether you are considering launching a microschool, or already have one up and running, this content is for you. You'll find things like our community of microschoolers, trainings, learning tools, and resources to support your work!

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Looking for a microschooling options for your child? We can connect you with leaders in your area! In this section you'll find information on what microschooling is, our parent survey that connects you with microschools near you and stories from other microschooling parents.

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Are you a policymaker looking for framework guidance? A member of the media wanting to learn more about microschooling? Click below for FAQs, videos, article, resources and to get in touch with our team.


Welcome to the most exciting movement in American education.

Microschooling need not be not constrained by strict definitions, though there are some common characteristics that microschooling settings share, such as being multi-family. 

Microschools are creating a transformative shift in teaching and learning. Flexible and adaptable, they meet each child where they are in their learning trajectory. Microschool leaders foster close communities and culture. 

Today, Microschools are commonly found in three tracks: IndependentPartnership, and Provider Networks

Learn more about microschools in American Microschools: A Sector Analysis. This 2024 report by the National Microschooling Center explores the fast-growing micro schooling sector.


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